The CRL Near Fault Observatory

The Corinth Rift Laboratory (CRL-NFO; 21.35°E-22.5°E; 38°N-38.65°N) is centered between the cities of Patras (west) and Aigion (east). It is one of the most seismically active zones in Europe. Scientists and engineers are joining their efforts to investigate fault mechanics, its relationship with earthquakes, fluid flow and the related hazards in the Corinth rift.

Real time seismicity at the seismic station AIOA – See also AGEO AGRP ALIK MG00 PSAR ROD3 SERG and click here for more on real-time seismicity




Last available interferograms (see also complete catalogue)

Ascending SENTINEL interferogram (track 175 ~ 16.31 TU)


Descending SENTINEL interferogram (track 80 ~04:39 TU)

Seismicity of the last 15 days

Skyplot of the CRL GPS stations