The seismological arrays

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Strong motion network (continuous & triggered)

  • iyellow Continuous NOA station
  • ired Triggered NOA station
  • iblue Continuous CNRS station
  • ipink Triggered ITSAK station

See also the EuroSeisTest data base

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Seismic network. Objective: high resolution continuous monitoring of the seismicity in the Aigion-Patras area

  • iyellow  U. of Athens station
  • ired  NOA station
  • iblue  CNRS station
  • ipink U. of Patras station

Network description

Acces to waveform data

  • The seismological/deformation network is operated by different institutions and therefore associated with different network codes. The present configuration is :
  • A virtual network code _NFOCRL is maintained at EIDA-NOA data center and includes all stations located inside the large frame of CRL Laboratory. A global request can be done using this virtual network code. Attention : presently only the ArcLink procedure is operational at NOA server ( for the virtual network code, FDSN web services will be operational in the future.

Data are archived at:

– NOA data center for the HP, HA, HL network codes.

RESIF data center for the CL network code.

  • Real time and quality controled data are available on EIDA european servers. This concerns all velocity and acceleration chanels. Soon deformation and tide gauge will be added.
  • Requests tools are the classical tools of the seismological community :

 – Near real time data with seedlink at (TCP port 18000) for CL data. Documentation

– Arclink node (TCP port 18001) or (TCP port 18001). Documentation

– FDSN web services at (TCP port 80) or (TCP port 80). Documentation

– Web tool at or Orfeus data center.

Data before 2010 are progressively added to the database. All HA and HP stations with the _NFOCRL will be progressively added in EIDA@NOA. CL data between 2000 and 2010 are added progressively to the RESIF database. CL real time data are qualified and completed when possible within a delay of one year.


H. Lyon-Caen or A. Deschamps for CR@NFOCRL

C. Evangelidis for HL@NFOCRL

E. Sokos or J. Zahradnik for HP@NFOCRL

P. Papadimitriou for HA@NFOCRL