CRL School 2017

Objectives of the school

  • Gather students from various universities working together at CRL and with different background
  • Associate school teachers and high schools to the didactic program and activities
  • Discover the research performed in Geophysics and Geology in the Rift of Corinth
  • Learn more about SAR interferometry (SAR interferometry, the SENTINEL mission, the GEP-TEP and its application to CRL)
  • Learn more about GPS (theory, measurements in the field)
  • Learn more about seismology (with didactic tools) and learn more about the seismicity in the Corinth Rift
  • Go on board of a marine geophysics vessel
  • Learn more about geotechical aspects of the seismic hazard in the area, the case of the Rio-Antirio bridge

Participants (students and school teachers in bold)

  • Stavroula Alatza (NTUA) PhD student
  • Alexandre Barboni (Ecole Normale Supérieure) MSc student
  • Christian Beck (Université de Savoie)
  • Jean-Luc Berenguer (Université de la Côte d’Azur)
  • Pierre Briole (CNRS)
  • Simon Bufferal (Ecole Normale Supérieure) MSc student
  • Panagiotis Elias (National Observatory Athens)
  • Muriel Gagneron (Lycée Français d’Athènes)
  • Athanassios Ganas (National Observatory Athens)
  • Faustine-Albert Gendron (Lycéen Henri Bergson Paris)
  • Maria Geraga (University of Patras) [More]
  • Maya Ilieva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Ioannis Karamitsos (Aristotle University Thessaloniki) MSc
  • Chris King (European Geophysical Union)
  • Georgia Koukiou (University of Patras)
  • Christos Kontopoulos (Geosystems-Hellas)
  • Chrysanthi Kosma (NKUA) MSc student [application]
  • Carlo Laj (European Geophysical Union)
  • Evangelos Maltezos (NTUA) PhD student
  • Anastasia Nikolopoulou (NKUA)
  • Paraskevi Nomikou (NKUA)
  • Akis Panagis (GEFYRA)
  • Alexandros Papadopoulos (HUA) MSc student
  • Helena Partheniou (NKUA) MSc student
  • Hélder Pereira (Escola Secundária de Loulé, Portugal)
  • Maria Privitera ()
  • Marine Roger (Newcastle University) PhD student
  • Luca Terray (University of Clermont Ferrand) PhD student 
  • Athina Tsapanou (NKUA) PhD student
  • Vassilis Sakkas (NKUA)
  • Spiros Sergiou (University of Patras) PhD student
  • Efthimios Sokos (University of Patras)
  • Sotiris Valkaniotis (Freelance Geologist) [More & More]

*CNRS = Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, HUA = Harokopio University of Athens, NKUA = National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, NTUA = National Technical University of Athens

Preparation of the School: Vassilis Anastasopoulos, Pierre Briole, Panagiotis Elias, Carlo Laj, Annita Panteleli

Organisation of the sessions in the laboratory and in the field: Jean-Luc (Iannis Lukas) Berenguer, Pierre Briole, Panagiotis Elias, Maria Geraga, Georgia Koukiou,  Petros Pitsiakkas,  Spyros Sergiou, Efthimios Sokos

Acknowledgements: Akti Hotel Nafpaktos, the municipality of Nafpaktos, the university of Patras, GEFYRA, ESA

Programme of the school (download the initial programme)

Friday 22 September afternoon (University of Patras)

  • Introduction of the School (P Briole)
  • Presentation of the Corinth Rift Observatory (P Elias)
  • Introduction to SAR interferometry (P Elias)
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of GNSS measurements (M Ilieva)
  • Hands on the GEP (P Elias) [SNAP S1 tutorial]
Saturday 23 September morning (field work)
  • Panoramic view of the western Corinth rift from Monastiraki (A Ganas)
  • Visit of the seismic antenna of Magoula (P Briole)
  • Visit of the seismic station of Vomvokou (E Sokos)
  • Installation of a school seismometer in the high school of Nafpaktos (JL Berenguer)
  • Didactic seismology (JL Berenguer)
Saturday 23 September afternoon (Municipality house, Nafpaktos)
  • Seismic observation of the West Gulf of Corinth (E Sokos)
  • Marine Geophysics (E Nomikou)
  • Hands on the « seismo box » experiments for schools (JL Berenguer)
Sunday 24 September morning (field work)
  • Visit at the CRL multiparameter station of Psaromita
  • GPS work in sub-groups
    • group 1: kinematic GPS at Psaromita (Stavroula, Maria, Hélder, )
    • group 2: installation of a GPS station at Kalithea
    • group 3: installation of a GPS station at Sergoula
    • group 4: installation of a GPS station at Klima
    • group 5: test of Geosystems Hellas kinematic GPS
Sunday 24 September afternoon (Municipality house, Nafpaktos)

Monday 25 September (Patras harbour)

  • Marine Geophysics on board of the vessel of the University of Patras

Tuesday 26 September morning (University of Patras)

  • Structural intrumented monitoring and geometric control of Rion-Antirrion Bridge (A Panagis)
  • Offshore exploration of the western Gulf of Corinth (C Beck)
  • Visit of the seismology laboratory (A Serpetsidaki, E Sokos)
  • Recent sedimentary processes in the western Gulf of Corinth, Greece: seismic and aseismic turbidites (S Sergiou)
  • Presentation and analysis of submarine borehole samples (M Geraga & S Sergiou)
  • Simple tsunami model for schools (C King)
 Tuesday 26 September afternoon (Trizonia island)
  • Visit of the stations of the CRL array (P Briole)
Photos : See the photos of the CRL School 2017


CRL School 2017 in the media and other link


  • Theme 1: SAR interferometry (Friday 22)
  • Theme 2: Seismology (Saturday 23)
  • Theme 3: GPS positioning (Sunday 24)
  • Theme 4: Marine Geophysics (Monday 25)
  • Theme 5: Geotechnics, Monitoring and Geology (Tuesday 26)

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