CRL School 2022

The CRL School 2022 will be held on 23-27 September 2022

The CRL School 2022 presentations

Dear all, you can find the CRL School presentations from our Google Drive. Be aware that some presentations are missing due to copyright policies. We are expecting to gather them soon.

The CRL School Forums

Dear Students and School Teachers, we inform you that the CRL School Google Forums have been uploaded, and we are waiting you to fill them as soon as possible. Certification of attendance will be provided upon forum completion.

Students: Google Forum for Students

Teachers: Google Forum for Teachers

Note that your certification will be sent online in a PDF format on the email address you have provided us, which you can see it in the brochure.

The CRL School photo album!

We encourage all of you to upload photos and videos to our official CRL School photo albumTip: You must have a gmail account to upload/download photos and videos. Learn how to create a gmail account from here.

The CRL School Dinner!

The official CRL School dinner will be held today at this location. Our appointment will be at the hotel’s lobby at 08:15 PM.

If you have any material that you want to send to our Google Drive, please do so, by following the link here. The name of the file must be in the format of CRLSchool2022_Lastname_VeryShortDescription.(ppt or pdf).

Find your way to the School:

Please find the CRL School 2022 brochure here (updated 22/09/2022).


  1. Prerequisites for Hand on simple seismic software packages provided on-line on Saturday 14:45 – 15:45 (EET):
    Please follow in advance the instructions for Topic1 to be prepared for the relative class

CRL School 2022 Programme (updated on 12/09/2022)

 Dear lecturers of CRL School 2022. Please send your abstract and your CV (templates), not later than Sunday 5 June 2022, to CRL School 2022 committee

NEW APPLICATIONS DEADLINE: Applications are accepted until Sunday, May 22th, 2022

You can download the call for the CRL School 2022 (and in Greek)

For further information, you can also contact CRL School team by e-mail:

Students can express their interest by signing up using the following link: Student Application Form

Secondary education teachers can express their interest by signing up using the following link:

Teacher Application Form