CRL coordination meeting 2020

The coordination meeting 2020 will be scheduled on June xx (fill Doodle for your availability here, not later that June 1st) via teleconference. More details about the final meeting date and time after June 1st. Here you can find the preliminary agenda in pdf and in doc .

The morning session will be dedicated to new researches having obtained their PhD recently.
We invite young researchers that would like to present to send the title and brief summary, considering the description given, not later than Wednesday May 27, 2020 to : pelias at, gkaviris at and briole at Please consult first the CRL portal


Corinth Rift Observatory – Site AIGI (Aigion)

  • GNSS: Topcon GB-1000
    • Site log 
    • Installation by Dimitar Dimitrov and Giannis Michailidis on December 11, 2015
    • Receiver: Topcon GB1000 n° T225878 (INSU2)
    • Antenna: Topcon PG-A1 n° 308-2933 (ground plane 310-1767)


Corinth Rift Observatory – Site ABEL (Abelaki)

  • GNSS: Topcon GB-1000
    • Receiver S/N: T225874 until 12 December 2015, Receiver S/N: T225921 from 12 December 2015, Antenna S/N: 308-6127 (310-xxxx)
    • Site log 
    • Installation by Alexis Rigo, Dimitar Dimotrov, Efthimios Sokos on 30 September 2015
    • Call in advance the local president (Maria Pappa: 6982236850) who has the key for opening the medical center where the receiver is installed.


Corinth Rift Observatory – Site KRIN (Krini)

  • GNSS: Topcon GB-1000
    • Site log 
    • Installation by Panagiotis Elias and Nikos Roukounakis on October 4, 2014
    • Station located in the tavern of George Bounias (+30 6975 98 29 10)
    • Communicate also with Giorgos Barba (+30 6978 83 25 70)
    • The antenna is installed on the roof of the tavern.
    • The receiver is installed in a small storehouse in the back of the tavern.

Aegeo Navigation October 2002

A Javad GPS receiver was operated on board of the Aegeo R/V on October 8 and 9 2002.

  • October 8: 9:53 UT -> 23:59 UT – RINEX 1s sampling rate – KML trajectory (pseudo-range dual-iono-free) – KML trajectory (phase)
  • October 9: 00:01 UT -> 09:59 UT – RINEX 1s sampling rate – KML trajectory (pseudo-range dual-iono-free) – KML trajectory (phase)

Figure 1: Trajectory of the R/V Aegeo, October 8 in red, October 9 in green

Figure 2: Two different navigation solutions from GIPSY Oasis 6.4. In red « dual-iono-free » solution (using P1 and P2), in yellow C1 solution of the programme




CRL School 2020

The school is scheduled from Friday September 18 to Tuesday September 22, 2020.

Like for 2017,  2018 and 2019 this School will be partly supported by the European Geosciences Union.

For the Greek teachers, you can download the presentation for the CRL School, presented at the premises of Marathon Data Systems during the event of the Committee of GEOscienses Didactics of the Geological Society of Greece on November 20, 2019

For the Greek teachers, you can declare your interest for the forthcoming CRL School (2020). Warning: This is not an application for participation!