The data and products below include those defined in the document « dx4annex1_20160309 » of EPOS and others



  • The seismological array
  • Velocimeter Seismic Waveforms Continuous
  • Accelerometer Seismic Waveforms Continuous
  • Seismic phase onset
  • Earthquakes parameters (absolute and relative locations plus magnitude)
  • Focal mechanisms
  • Moment tensor
  • Rupture Parameters / Stress Drop / f_c / v_r
  • Repeaters and multiplets catalogue
  • Site Characterisation
  • Link to software and utilities

Macroseismic data

  • Historical earthquake catalogue
  • Earthquake parameters from macroseismic studies

Borehole seismology

  • The borehole array
  • Dilatometers
  • Strainmeters


  • The GNSS array
  • 30s raw data from the permanent stations
  • 30s raw data from the campaign stations
  • Kinematic GNSS data
  • Velocities from GNSS
  • Link to software and utilities


  • The meteorological array
  • Data
  • Models and combination with GNSS


  • Absolute gravity data
  • Relative gravity data
  • Link to software and utilities

Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry

  • RAW and SLC data from SAR sensors on board of satellites
  • Interferograms
  • InSAR velocity
  • Link to software and utilities

Optical imagery & Digital Elevation Models

  • Pleiades data
  • Digital Elevation Models (land)
  • Digital Elevation Models (sea-floor elevation)
  • Link to software and utilities

Tide gauges

  • The tide gauges array
  • Data
  • Time series