CRL School 2016

Objectives of the school
- Discover the research performed in Geophysics and Geology in the Rift of Corinth
- Learn more about SAR interferometry (the SENTINEL mission, how to find data and software, how to process data, the GEP-TEP and its application to CRL)
- Learn more about GPS (how to make measurements in the field, how to process data)
- Gather students from various universities working together at CRL and with different background

Participants (students in bold)
- Nikos Argyropoulos (UPAT) –
- Pavlos Batsios (HUA) –
- Christian Beck (Université de Savoie) –
- Pierre Briole (CNRS-ENS) –
- Michael Delagas (NKUA) –
- Dimitar Dimitrov (BAS-NIGGG) –
- Panagiotis Elias (NOA-IAASARS) –
- Michael Foumelis (ESA) –
- Athanassios Ganas (NOA-IG) –
- Maria Geraga (UPAT) –
- Dimitrios Kalliantas (HUA) – (Sunday 25 only)
- Elisavet Kollia (NKUA) –
- Alexandros Kostaras (UPAT) –
- Aggeliki Kyriou (UPAT) –
- Evelyn Moraitini (HUA) –
- Asterios Papastergios (HUA) –
- Dora Perrou (HUA) –
- Marine Roger (EOST) –
- Nikolaos Roukounakis (NOA-IERSD) –
- Spiros Sergiou (UPAT) –
- Varvara Tsironi (NKUA) –
- Panagiota (Naya) Varouta (Λεόντειο Λύκειο) –

A school organized With the contributions of Vassilis Anastassopoulos (UPAT), Georgia Koukiou (UPAT), Carlo Laj (ENS), Issaak Parcharidis (HUA), Thimios Sokos (UPAT)

Thanks also to Akti hotel (Nafpaktos), GEFYRA (Akis Panagis, Aris Stathopoulos-Vlamis), ESA and the GEP-TEP (TerraDue) project (for InSAR, elements for the school were prepared in July and early September by Asterios and Marine)

Programme of the school

Friday 23 September: conferences and classes at the University of Patras
- Presentation of Nikos Roukounakis (Modelling of the tropospheric delay for correcting SAR interferometric data)
- Presentation of Michael Foumelis
- Class of Michael Foumelis

Saturday 24 September: participation to CRL fieldwork
- Team 1: maintenance of the Trizonia CRL station (Panagiotis, Dora, Pavlos, Michael)
- Team 2: visit at campaign GPS sites (Nikos, Elisavet, Evelyn, Varvara, Nikos)
- Team 3: visit at campaign GPS sites and permanent CRL stations (Pierre, Marine, Naya, Alex)
- Team 4: visit at campaign GPS stations (Dimitar, Asterios)

Sunday 25 September:
- Cruise from Xania (Trizonia) to Agios Nikolaos
- Visit of the Psaromita CRL station
- Kinematic GPS exercise around Trizonia
- Exercise of sea level measurement
- Visit of the seismic antenna of Magoula
- Evening: school dinner

Monday 26 September
- Class of Thanassis Ganas (active faults and tectonics of the CRL area)
- Class on Pierre Briole (GPS and the processing of GPS data)
- Presentation of Christian Beck on the marine aspects of CRL
- Presentation of Univ Patras on cores sampled in the Corinth rift

Photos : See the photos of the CRL School 2016 and September 2016 CRL campaign

More about CRL: the CRL WebObs (login: guest/guest)

- Theme 1: SAR interferometry
- Theme 2: GPS positioning (static and kinematic)
- Theme 3: Sea level
- Theme 4: Marine geology

FTP site for direct download of documents: list of documents