Borehole data

AIG10 1 km deep borehole crossing the Aigion fault

 The AIG10 borehole on the Aigion fault is a 1000m deep hole intersecting the Aigion fault, on the southern shore of the Corinth Rift. The fault is intersected at 760m.


AIG10 cross-section (Naville et al., Rettenmayer et al., 2004)

The borehole was drilled in 2002 and instrumented with a permanent monitoring system installed from September 2003 to February 2005. Only a small portion of the scheduled system has been installed: the fault could not be sealed, and only pore pressure data could be recorded under a surface plug, together with a surface hydrophone.

The whole system has been installed in 2007, but above the fault.

The data available are:
- electrical image log (UBI) from 2002
- pore pressure from the first phase of the instrumentation, from 2003 to 2005.

contact: F. Cornet, M.L. Doan