CRL School 2021


The CRL School 2021 Group photo1 and photo2!

Download the presentations of the CRL School 2021

CRL School (online version) 2021 Evaluation: Please fill the evaluation forms, for students, for teachers. It is crucial for us to have your opinion and please be honest and don’t hesitate to express negative comments but in a constructive way!


  1. Prerequisites for Hand on simple seismic software packages provided on-line on Friday 13:45-14:45 (EET):
    Please follow in advance the instructions for Topic1 and Topic2 to be prepared for the relative class
  2. Prerequisites for Hand on Tuned in to the Earth : Using data online at school on Sunday 10:00-10:30 (EET):
    Please download in advance the Seismicity files and the Seismicity-catalog for the recent earthquake sequence of Arkalochori in Crete, Greece.

Attendance Book:
Please fill in the Attendance book. The links will be send in the chat and they will be valid when there will be a relative announcement for a limited duration of time.


Download the Brochure of Corinth Rift Laboratory School 2021

Dear CRL School participants please find the call for the CRL School 2021 in english and greek.

Dear Students, in order to attend the CRLSchool 2021, please fill-in the Students’ application form.

Dear teachers, in order to attend the CRLSchool 2021, please fill-in the Teachers’ application form.


 Dear lecturers of CRL School 2021. Please send your abstract and your CV (templates), not later than Friday 23 July 2021, to Mrs Annita Panteleli.