Kinematic GNSS data

See video of kinematic survey on June 16, 2019 – Download the data of June 16, 2019


The coverage of the Corinth Rift Laboratory with kinematic GNSS


Kinematic GNSS observations with three antennas on top of the car (sept 2016)

There are various methods to process the kinematic GNSS data

  • local processing / on-line processing
  • dual differences / PPP

Most of our dual difference processing calculations are made with the old but good PNAV software. As PNAV requires data at the Ashtech format BES, this requires a difficult part of preprocessing of the data!

For the PPP processing we use locally GIPSY version 6.4 and GIPSY-X

There are also various good on-line PPP processors, see this page

Want to analyze more kinematic GNSS data? Download this file acquired on September 22, 2022 on Trizonia island. The file is mixing static and kinematic data.