Relocated seismicity 2000-2015

This relocated catalog has been obtained by Clara Duverger  (Duverger , 2017; Duverger et al., 2018) from double difference relocation (HypoDD) based on both  P and S catalog and cross correlation phases.

Maps of original and relocated earthquakes. (a) Map of selected earthquakes for the relocation
(n~115,000) from 2000 to 2015, recorded by 4 or more stations (triangles) with at least 6 picked phases. These events are plotted at their original location obtained with hypo71. (b) Map of the relocated earthquakes (n~94 000) computed with hypoDD. Dot size is proportional to the magnitude.



Earthquake catalogs and seismicity maps

  • Earthquake catalogs are based on automatic detection and picking. Magnitudes Mw and Ml are also computed automaticaly. Locations are calculated in the 1D velocity model of Rigo et al. (1996) using hypo71 location code. Mw and Ml are calculated using SourceSpec (Satriano, 2020)

Rigo, A., H. Lyon-Caen, R. Armijo, A. Deschamps, D. Hatzfeld, K. Makropoulos, P. Papadimitriou, and I. Kassaras (1996), A microseismic study in the western part of the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) : Implications for large-scale normal faulting mechanisms, Geophys. J. Int., v. 126(3), pp. 663-688.

Satriano, C. (2020) SourceSpec-Earthquake source parameters from S-wave displacement spectra. DOI: 10.5281/ZENODO.3688587

  • Format of catalogs is as follows: year, month, day, hour, minute, seconds, latitute, longitude, depth, Mw, Ml, erx, ery, erz, rms, number of P phases, number of S phases, quality (according to hypo71)
  •  Seismicity maps: quality A events (best ones) are in dark red, quality B in red, quality C in orange and quality D (low reliability) in yellow... Size is proportional to seismic moment.
cat_2022_Mw cat_2021_Mw cat_2020_Mw
cat_2019_Mw cat_2018_Mw cat_2017_Mw
cat_2016_Mw cat_2015_Mw cat_2014_Mw
cat_2013_Mw cat_2012_Mw cat_2011_Mw
cat_2010_Mw cat_2009_Mw cat_2008_Mw
cat_2007_Mw cat_2006_Mw cat_2005_Mw
cat_2004_Mw cat_2003_Mw cat_2002_Mw


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