Corinth Rift Observatory – Site KALA (Kalavrita)

  • GNSS: Topcon GB-1000
    • Receiver S/N: T225042 until 27 November 2014, Receiver S/N: T225873 from 27 November 2014, Antenna S/N: 308-5129 (310-0710)
    • Site log 
    • Installation by Nikos Roukounakis and Vasiliki Pegiou on October 3, 2014
    • Contact: Mr Magathas (Municipality Hall): 6944 527 418
    • 25 November 2014: visit of Nikos Roukounakis and George, problem with the power supply of the receiver, receiver changed
    • 2 March 2015: visit of Nikos Roukounakis, Vicky Pegiou, Konstantinos Derdelakos, ground of the shelter full of water (1-2cm), wall OK (not wet), receiver protected from direct contact with the wall
    • 5 June 2015: visit of Panagiotis Elias, Dimitar Dimitrov, two plastic objects have been placed in the bask of the GPS, between it and the wall in order not to be in touch with it.
    • 26 September 2015: visit of Panagiotis Elias, Alexis Rigo, station OK
    • 25 January 2016: visit of Panagiotis Elias, Pierre Briole, reset power (that was off since November), installed longer antenna cable and placed the receiver at a better place, installation of a InHand 3G telemetry