MOSAIC ITN-EJD Work packages

WP1: ITN Project management

WP2: Summer schools

WP3: Workshops

WP4: SAR Interferometry (long time series 1992-2020, advanced InSAR (PS, SBAS, …), improving atmospheric correction, tie with GNSS, …)

WP5: GNSS (static with permanent and campaign observations, long time series 1990-2020, kinematic (techniques and applications), high rate) and gravity (absolute and relative, network and continuous).

WP6: Geodesy at sea (sea level, sea-bottom geodesy (1D & 3D positioning), sea-bottom strain measurements)

WP7: Earthquakes (observations and models 1990-2020, includes tsunami), transients (and their observation with geodetic sensors), localized deformation, faults

WP8: Deformation at large scale and long term (models of strain distribution and changes), connexion between rift, CTF, subduction. Continuity geomorphology (DEM), erosion (DEM changes), upper crust (structure, rheology), lower crust (rheology), mantle.

WP9: Outreach activities (Dissemination (web site), communication (sessions at international conferences, special volumes), exploitation)