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European scientists and engineers are joining their efforts to investigate fault mechanics, its relationship with earthquakes, fluid flow and the related hazards in the Corinth rift.

The Corinth Rift Laboratory (CRL) is centered between the cities of Patras to the west and Aigion to the east. It is one of the most seismically active zones in Europe.corinthe_2014_21a

Seismicity of the last 15 days



1/50.000 topographic maps

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Tectonic / geologic maps

JPEG - 225.4 kbGeological map (Moretti et al, 2003) ) – The Gulf of Corinth: an active half graben?, J. of Geodynamics,36 323-340, 2003

JPEG - 62 kbCompilation of main basement cutting faults of the western Corinth rift from M. Ford (2009) – Data from Ford et al., 2007; Rohais et al., 2007; Flotté et al., 2006, Moretti et al., 2003; Bell et al., 2008. Pre-rifting thrust sheet lithologies are shown in blue and syn-rift sediments in pale yellow.

JPEG - 191 kbBathymetry (HCMR, Greece)




in blue : Publications based on data acquired in the CRL NFO

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